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The Ghost Walks In India - Post-Dispatch, St. Louis, USA, 1930.

The civil disobedience movement made a powerful impact on public opinion in the United States. Its heroism and the brutality used to suppress it were extensively reported in the American Press. Covering the march on the salt depot at Dharasana on May 21, 1930, in which about 2,000 volunteers took part, an American journalist wrote: "In eighteen years of my reporting in 20 countries, during which I have witnessed innumerable civil disturbances, riots, street fights and rebellions, I have never witnessed such harrowing scenes as at Dharasana." His reports of British atrocities against unarmed men and women, carried on the United Press wire service to different parts of the world, created a sensation. This American cartoon shows the ghost of passive resistance which walked in India and was a constant weight on Britain's conscience.

Credit: Navajivan / GandhiServe
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