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Document about the purchase of the house by Gandhi's ancestors in which he was born on October 2, 1869 TRUE COPY OF ORIGINAL DOCUMENT OF MAHATMA GANDHI'S BIRTHPLACE HOUSE DEAL GANDHI HARJIVAN RAHIDAS JETH SHUD PANCHAM SHREE NATHAJI'S DEVOTEE SHREE RANA SARTANAJI On Samvat 1833 (1777 A.D.) advar (Sunday) Jeth Shud Pancham. During the reign of Maharaja Shree Sartanaji Panchkul (5th) of Shree Porbandar state, written by V. K. Aksharani, for a house with a room, a lobby and an attic build by stones. There is a canal made of sand stone nearby. It is about a house sold by sole proprietor Bai Maan, the wife of Meta Gagaji to Gandhi Harjivan Rahidas to be a sole owner. In the house, east is in the back side and there is a backyard and a door to it. The backyard is a part of the house and there is a stoned wall (kot) near it. There is a wall in the south and besides that there is Shreeji's house. This wall is common. There is a door on the west side and after that there is an entrance. That entrance is facing the south. There is a peepal tree (ficus religiosa ) and another house on the north. Its wall is shared by Gandhi Karsandas Rahidas. That house is sold without any dispute and prejudice by sole proprietor Maan Bai Meta, the wife of Gagaji, Kala Brahmin of Modh caste to Gandhi Harjivan Rahidas to be sole proprietor. Gandhi Harjivan Rahidas bought this house for his offspring's to enjoy. SIGNATURE : WITNESS : Signed by 1) Vashram Bhimji 2) Kashidas Meghaji Sd. Bai Maan 3) Trikamji Nanaji 4) Seshkaran Hirji 1) Shree Bai Maan 5) Kadva Dharamdas (w/o : Meta Gagaji Kava) 6) Odhavji Nanji 7) Gagaji Nanji (the swastik sign is used in place of the Kings Stamp) APPENDIX TO THE DEAL (irrelevant, P.R.) Notes: Jeth: Is the Gujarati month which comes around June - July. Shud Pancham: Is the fifth day after fullmoon. Shree Nathaji: A name of a Hindoo God. Sartanji: Name of the King ruling during that period in Porbandar State. Samvat: Vikram Samvat - Indian calendar. Translation by Kh... read more

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