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Welcome to GandhiMedia - GandhiServe's Digital Media Archive !
The Father of the Indian nation, and the apostle of nonviolence. He worked for India's independence from the British rule. And gave us the awesome power of nonviolence. A social reformer, he taught the world the eternal values of love and truth. His fight for human rights, protection of environment and religious tolerance was mankind's finest hour.

On GandhiMedia you find rare audio visual content about Mahatma Gandhi and India's freedom struggle - largely with a possibility of immediate download in high resolution!

The family of Mahatma Gandhi contributed to GandhiMedia by making precious and rare material available and so did journalists, Gandhi's followers and associates, freedom fighters, archives, museums and leading researchers in India and abroad.
  Therefore, this archive forms the specific legacy of the generation of India's independence movement to the present and coming generations. GandhiMedia is dedicated to the conscience of humanity.

By downloading our material you support our contributors and affiliates as well as the research and educational activities of the charitable GandhiServe Foundation - THANK YOU!

As all downloadable items on GandhiMedia are authorized by either the right holders or the sole representants of the right holders the download of our items is legal and in accordance with the existing laws.

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