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GandhiServe's Mission
Mahatma Gandhi's youngest son Devadas had a dream: to visually document his father's life day-by-day. In the 1950's he contributed to it by putting together the first major collection of film footage and photographs on his father for the Gandhi Films Committee, which made for the later production of Vithalbhai Jhaveri's cinematographic venture MAHATMA and Richard Attenborough's film Gandhi.

Jhaveri was a bombay-based biographer of Mahatma Gandhi. He made it his life's mission to collect photographs of the Mahatma - his life, time and work, from sources around the world.

Today, it is GandhiServe's dedication to carry on and complete the task of Devadas Gandhi and Vithalbhai Jhaveri.
  Over the past decades audio visual material on Gandhi has been gathered from 600+ sources all over the world with the help and support of many, many friends and well-wishers.

GandhiServe's films and photographs are the images of history rescued from the oblivion of mortality. Long after those who died to take these pictures are gone, long after those of us who knew them and survived them and remember their experience are gone in our turn, the images they captured will remain to show generations to come the face of India's struggle for independence.

- Peter Rühe, CEO of GandhiServe, founder and acting chairperson of the GandhiServe Foundation 
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