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Boating On The Thames - Restoring the amiability of our public life After the recent frictions in various political quarters Low is taking advantage of the fine weather to give the poor dears a day on the river. Politeness is requested. - David Low in Evening Standard, London, England, 1931.

Before the conference met in September 7, the Labour Government which had convened it was replaced by a National Government, but with Ramsay MacDonald still Prime Minister. Gandhi joined the conference on September 14, when he attended a meeting of the Federal Structure Sub-Committee. Gandhi's arrival in London aroused much public interest, but by then the attention of the British Government had been diverted from Indian affairs to the financial crisis that had hit Britain. Low shows the participants in the conference in holiday mood on the Thames, a scene symbolic of the attitude of most of them to its deliberations.

Credit: Navajivan / GandhiServe
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