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Burden Of The Great Soul - “None, at any rate, would hazard an estimate of the burden of the man who, Atlas-like, carries the weight of a vast sub-continent on his feeble shoulders.” –R.P. Masani - Mali in Free Press Journal, Bombay, India, 1932.

Mali shows Gandhi carrying the entire Indian nation on his shoulders. His return from England brought him face to face with grave new challenges which proclaimed the hollowness of the Round Table Conference and the promises made by MacDonald. On January 3, 1932, he informed the Viceroy that the Congress would renew the civil disobedience movement "without malice and in a strictly non-violent manner." Willingdon struck back swiftly, arresting Gandhi early the next morning. He was taken to Yeravda for detention "during the pleasure of Government." A roundup of other Congress leaders followed.

Credit: Navajivan / GandhiServe
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