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Lord Willingdon’s Dilemma – The Government of India have hardly locked Gandhiji in than they turn round and find that for the one Gandhiji locked there are thousands outside. - Shankar, India, 1933.

Willingdon is caught in the toils of satyagraha. On July 15, 1933, Gandhi sent a wire to him asking for an interview to explore the possibilities of a peaceful and honourable settlement of the differences between the Congress and the Government on the question of constitutional reforms. Willingdon refused the request, and Hoare told the House of Commons: "We have said that we are not prepared to negotiate, and we shall maintain that position. Mr. Gandhi wishes to put himself in the position of a negotiator with the Government of India and also carries in reserve the unconditional weapon of civil disobedience. I repeat that there can be no question of making a bargain with the Congress as a condition for their accepting the ordinary obligations of law-abiding citizens."

Credit: Navajivan / GandhiServe
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