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God Is My Savior - While closing down the Harijan newspaper Gandhiji says: “I’m getting confident that if I am to achieve salvation it can only be by sacrifice such as this. Salvation here to me means the Freedom of India. – 1940.

After suspension for some weeks, Gandhi decided to shut his publications until the Government gag on them was withdrawn. He brought out an issue of Harijan in bold type on November 10 to bid farewell to its readers. In it he records that the value of his "weekly talks" with them was that they were a faithful record of his deepest thought. "Such expression," he added, "is impossible in a cramped atmosphere. As I have no desire to offer civil disobedience I cannot write freely. As the author of satyagraha I cannot, consistently with my profession, suppress the vital part of myself for the sake of being able to write on permissible subjects… It would be like dealing with the trunk without the head."

Credit: Navajivan / GandhiServe
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