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Indian Rope Trick - Mr. Gandhi: “Another Round Table Conference is promised at the end of the war. Like its predecessor it is bound to fail.” – 1941.

Linlithgow's actions earned Gandhi's disapproval. The Congress Working Committee met at Wardha on October 23 and declared that the Viceroy's statement on constitutional reforms was "wholly unsatisfactory and calculated to rouse resentment." Gandhi noted: "The viceregal declaration is profoundly disappointing. It would have been better if the British Government had declined to make any declaration whatsoever. The long statement made by the Viceroy simply shows that the old policy of divide and rule is to continue. So far as I can see, the Congress will be no party to it, nor can the India of Congress conception be a partner with Great Britain in her war with Herr Hitler."

Credit: Navajivan / GandhiServe
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