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War Of Nerves - “I cannot withdraw the August Resolution” – Mr. Gandhi - Vikram Verma in Dawn, India, 1944.

Gandhi was released from detention in Poona in May 1944. Speaking to newsmen at the hill resort of Panchgani in July, he made it clear that the Quit India resolution passed by the All-India Congress Committee in August 1942 stood unchanged. On July 27, Gandhi wrote to the new Viceroy, Lord Wavell: "I am prepared to advise the Working Committee to declare that, in view of the changed conditions, mass civil disobedience envisaged by the resolution of August 1942 cannot be offered and that full cooperation in the war effort should be given by the Congress if a declaration of immediate Indian independence is made and a national government responsible to the constituent assembly be formed . . ." This cartoon and the subsequent four by Vikram Verma appeared in Dawn, the mouthpiece of the Muslim League.

Credit: Navajivan / GandhiServe
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