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Funeral of Gandhi, Delhi, January 31, 1948.
Several shots of the people collecting ashes. Woman praying. Randas Gandhi, Mahatma's son, looks on. Women praying. People looking up. Body of Mahatma Gandhi is placed on on balcony of Birla House. Woman in the crowd crying. Closer shot of Gandhi's body on balcony of Birla House. People looking up. House, pan to crowd.
Sailors pulling cortege. Planes flying overhead. Pan along the vast crowd passing sticks at funeral pyre. Governor General Lord Louis Mountbatten with his family sitting on ground. View of procession passing camera - vast crowd around. Sardar Baldev Singh, Minster of Defence, Premier Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Deputy Premier Sardar Vallabhbai Patel seated on the cortege. Several shots of the cortege moving slowly through the crowds. Long shot, back view - million mourners walking in procession. Lord Mountbatten picks his way through to the funeral pyre. Pan down from woman praying to Gandhi's body. Woman crying. Close up shot of Gandhi. Gandhi's son lights the fire - very dark shot, unclear. Huge crowds surging forward. Crowd struggling around fire, mounted police totally ineffective surrounded by such a vast crowd. More shots of the fire well alight, crowds and police.

Producer: British Pathé.

Length: 00:02:24

Copyright: British Pathé / GandhiServe
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