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Last Rites for Gandhi, Allahabad, February 12, 1948.
Long shot of procession of troops marching towards camera. Crowd looking on. Long shot, back view of procession. Travelling shot of the flower bedecked trailer with Gandhi's ashes moving slowly towards the river Ganges. Long shot of the crowds rushing down to the water's edge. Transferring the urn to the "Duck" - amphibious vehicle. Close up shot of the women praying. Cut back to transferring the urn to the duck. Close up shot of the people watching. Ducks start off in water. Ducks turning to position. People near the bank in water. One of Gandhi's sons throwing the ashes from the boat. People dipping handkerchiefs into the water. Close up shot of the water.

Producer: British Pathé.

Length: 00:01:17

Copyright: British Pathé / GandhiServe
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