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Delivery of Gandhi's ashes at Allahabad, February 12, 1948.
Gandhi's ashes are immersed in the river Jumna. M/S Pandit Nehru awaiting the arrival of the train bearing Gandhi's ashes. L/S arrival of the train and crowds. M/S Mrs. Naidu walking along the railway line. Various shots urn containing the ashes being carried from the station surrounded by huge crowds. Various shots the urn being transferred to float. L/S the float with women mourners in foreground. L/S cavalry in the procession. Tracking shot of crowd lining the route. C/U military representatives in the procession. Various shots the float in the procession. C/U Indian cameraman turning hand camera. More shots crowds lining the route. Travelling shot under bridge. L/S aeroplanes dropping petals onto the procession. L/S procession halting. C/U crowds. C/U urn on the float in the procession. Various shots transferring the ashes to the white painted (for mourning) amphibious vehicle. Various shots procession of boats leaving for the immersion in midstream. Back view of the boats leaving for the immersion. L/S crowds on the banks of the river. L/S boats in procession. Crowds on bank. M/S boats getting into line for the ceremony. L/S crowds on mud flats. L/S immersion of the ashes, camera follows passage of ashes through water. M/S boats returning, empty casket which held urn can be seen. Crowds on bank. C/U the empty holder. L/S boats, crowds and empty holder. Item is cuts from newsreel story "Gandhi's Last Rites", in Gazette issue 48/15.

Producer: British Pathé.

Length: 00:04:34

Copyright: British Pathé / GandhiServe
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