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Item # VIFOPENE1953505001
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Two great Prime Ministers, Mr Nehru of India and Mr Holland of New Zealand, receive the freedom of the City of London at the Guildhall. LV. Sir Cuthbert Ackroyd, Lord Mayor of London and Lady Mayoress being greeted. SV. Mr Robert Menzies, Australia Premier, arriving. LV. British Prime Minster Sir Anthony Eden and Lady Eden arriving and going into the hall. SV. Mr Louis St. Laurent, Prime Minster of Canada, arriving and getting out of car. SV. Jawaharlal Nehru, Prime Minster of India, stepping down from carriage accompanied by his daughter Mrs Indira Gandhi. SCU. Mr Nehru. SV. Mr Pandit Nehru and New Zealand's Prime Minister Mr Sidney Holland posing for pictures outside the Guildhall. GV. Interior, members of the Common Council seated. SCU. Pan, from Mr Holland to Mr Nehru seated. SV. Mr Holland and Mr Nehru stand up in front of the City Chamberlain. LV. Personalities watching ceremony. SV. The City Chamberlain speaking to Holland and Nehru (natural sound): "It is my privilege as Chamberlain of this City to offer you both the right hand of fellowship and greet you Mr Nehru as a citizen of London and you Mr Holland." - his voice now drowned by applause. SV. Members of Common Council applauding. SV. Chamberlain standing in front of Mr Holland and Mr Nehru, applause dies down, London, 1956.

Length: 00:01:09

Copyright: British Pathé / GandhiServe
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