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 "This Day - March 25th". Short Documentary film about events around that date throughout the century. Mar 1953 - Events surrounding the death of Queen Mary. Duchess of Kent, Duke of Windsor, Queen Elizabeth (Queen Mother), Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Princess Margaret among visitors. Crowds at vigil outside Marlborough House. VS of Queen Mary. Mar 1924 - Queen Mary and King George V at Wembley Exhibition. Scenes of Silver Jubilee in 1935. VS of Queen Mary with Duke of Windsor (formerly King Edward VIII). Statue of King George V. VS of Queen Mary carpet. Shots with young Prince Charles. Mar 1931 - King Alphonso of Spain visits Elysee Palace in France. VS of Mahatma (Mohandas K) Gandhi speaking in India. Mar 1925 - Steve Donoghue winning Lincolnshire Handicap horse race on Tapin. Mar 1926 - Pat Donoghue (Steve's son) wins the race on King of Clubs. Mar 1951 - Oxford University rowing team sink in University Boat Race. Mar 1933 - VS of Women's road walking contest. Mar 1936 - Liner ship Queen Mary leaving Clydebank after launch. Mar 1925 - Prince Edward attends closing ceremony of Wembley Exhibition. Mar 1940 - Benito Mussolini meeting Adolf Hitler at the Brenner Pass.
Mar 1945 - Allied troops off in planes for attack on Rhine. Gliders heading for Germany. Paratroopers in attack. Gliders released and landing. Fighting on the East of the Rhine. Crossing in amphibious vehicles. German Prisoners of War (POWs) captured during assault. Winston Churchill at the Rhine with General Dwight Eisenhower, Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, and Field Marshal Alanbrooke.
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