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India Honours Gandhi's Memory, 1950.
Gandhinagar, Jaipur, India. MV decorated entrance to Gandhinagar. LV Jaipur street with decorated arch in foreground. GV Crowds in Jaipur street. LV GV procession through Jaipur street. LV Elephant in procession. LV Camels in procession. LV Pan camels in procession. LV GV Indian National Congress President Dr. Pattabhi Sitiramaya driving through crowds. LV GV Crowds milling in street. MV Doctor sitting on dais. LV Doctor unveiling memorial to Mohandas K (Mahatma) Gandhi. MV people looking on. MV Indian putting garlands round statue's neck. MV Doctor speaking into mike in front of dais.

Length: 00:00:58

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