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Item # VIFOPLIN1950505084
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Colombo Opens New Chapter For Commonwealth, 1950.
Colombo, Ceylon / Sri Lanka and Indo-China. MV Exterior Senate building, Colombo, SV Windows of Senate House showing Commonwealth flags flying. MV Towards British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin arriving. MV Towards and pan Jawaharlal Pandit Nehru arriving, his daughter Indira Gandhi is with him. MV Nehru steps forward and shakes hands with an official. MV Elevated delegates in gardens of Senate House. CU Bevin posing with another diplomat. CU Prime Minister of Ceylon Mr. Senanayake chatting with Pakistan delegates. CU Bevin with Mr Ghulam Mohammed, Pakistan Finance Minister. SV Delegates walking into Senate House. SV Towards Bevin (in sunglasses) and Senanayake. CU Pandit Nehru and daughter. GV Singhalese people looking on. CU Bearded man. MV Bevin walks to steps of Senate House. CU Nehru talking to Ghulam Mohammed. Indo-China / Vietnam. GV Pan down Nationalist Chinese refugees encampment. SV Two Chinese soldiers sitting eating. MV Chinese preparing sprigs and branches to make bivouacs. CU Chinese sitting by sunshade. MV Chinese woman with two children. MV Chinese sitting in bivouac CU Chinese soldier sleeping under sunshade.
Saigon. GV Towards Former Emperor Bao Dai arriving by Car. SV French officers standing at salute. SV Troops at the present. SV Towards and pan Bao Dai inspecting troops. SV Cut-in of troops. SV Pan Bao Dai walking into Hotel de Ville. CU Leon Pignon, French representative, signing document. CU Bao Dai signing documen... read more

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