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Item # VIFOPLIN1950505088
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„Summing up“, First quarter 1948.
A Quarterly Chronicle of Current Events. Produced by the Pathe Documentary Unit.
Reel 1: India: Gandhi dies - thousands of mourners fill the streets and follow his funeral procession. Shots of women crying and police / military trying to control the crowds with batons. The funeral pyre is lit.
Mountbatten visits Indian dignitary and sees military parade. British soldiers leaving India on the liner Empress of Australia. Crowds line the streets to welcome Royal visitors (they are not seen). Flag is raised. Young men play musical instruments as an elaborate boat sets off.
Britain: Problems of Greece (?) are discussed. Rioting in the streets of Trieste. Women shout and sing. Soldiers on a hillside fire cannons. Military manoeuvres in Greek mountains. Soldiers and pack horses embark on large ships.

Length: 00:07:52

Copyright: British Pathé / GandhiServe
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