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'Mahaprayan' - the last journey of Mahatma Gandhi - is dedicated enactment, by KalaNiketan - a veteran drama troupe of Gujarat - of documented and authentic events that took place on that historical day - 30th January 1948. The non-stop 100 minutes play 'Mahaprayan' is woven around that single days events at Birla Bhavan, Gandhi's headquarters at Delhi. Set amidst the political turmoil of post-partition days, the play on one hand provides humour flowing from the common place interest in everyday life through conversation between the known names of Gandhi era. The play also recalls events of Gandhi's formative years at Rajkot through flashback technique. The play highlights the great man's philosophical yet simple thoughts. Along with this emerges, the political heat and dust through Gandhi Sardar, i.e. teacher-disciple interaction.
The legardary teacher-disciple relationship hovers over the action of the play in the later half, with Sardar Patel and his boisturous, frank hearty laughter and Gandhi with his innocent childlike smile. But subtly blended with this is also the untold agony of the private side of these public figures. The climatic end leaves the audience aghast and speechless.
The play being a comtemporary history of India, the writer Bharat Yagnik has maintained the authenticity in an artistic manner. While taking care of minutest detailes, the director Bharat Yagnik also harnesses different stage techniques like setting, lights, music, costumes, etc. in an excellent style to create a composite whole. And finally, the actor Bharat Yagnik, with all ... read more

Credit: GandhiServe
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