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Together We Lit Up The Sky - Gandhi & Mandela in South Africa

This documentary gives fascinating new insights into the lives of these two men. It also records how women played an instrumental but often forgotten role in the struggle to have social justice and an end to Empire and to Apartheid.
These two men taught the world how to forgive and how to love and how to work with others to obtain freedom and justice. Throughout the 20th century, they would develop a way of life and living that would enable ordinary men and women to enter into a non-violent, but, committed struggle to obtain peace, to obtain freedom from oppression, from want, hunger and poverty. Under their guidance and leadership, a movement was to emerge as a mass protest non-violent movement, to obtain Peace not Civil War, Equality not Inequality, Economic and Social Justice. The documentary documents this in an extraordinary way, so much so, that it is able to pull the viewer into the situation and into the dialogue.
It records how 25,000 women were the first to march against Apartheid, how Gandhi's wife was also imprisoned with other men and women, and how women along with the men were brought to trial for treason, as early as 1956. It records how people, men and women, of all colours, of all races, of all tribes, of all religions came together, to bring first the Empire and then Apartheid. crashing to the ground.

Executive Producer: Bettina Corke Written by and directed by Bettina Corke
Produced by Decade Media, Labsurdo, On The Edge Film
Camera: Enrico Fracca, Sunil Bhatia
Editor: Enrico Fracca Length: 00:25:09

Copyright: Bettina Corke/GandhiServe
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