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Bäume umarmen – Mirabehn und die Waldzerstörung im Himalaya

Documentary about Mirabehn, her engagement for the protection of environment in Indian Himalaya region, the Chipko movement and reminiscence by Herbert Tichy about his life and times in India. The film shows the distribution of Mirabehn's ashes into river Ganges at Hardwar by her secretary Brahmachari Dutt, Sunderlal Bahuguna (co-founder of Chipko movement) and Swami Chidananda Saraswati of Divine Life Society.

Director: Götz Hagmüller and Ludmilla Hungerhuber
Script : Götz Hagmüller and Ludmilla Tüting
Consultant: Peter Ruhe

Produced by ORF, 1985

Length: 00:56:55

Copyright: ORF / GandhiServe
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