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Anand Rai: My life and my involvement in India's freedom struggle, talk with Peter Ruhe, Mumbai, Mach 1, 2005, 21 pages.

Summary: Born at Dharamstadha in South Karnataka in 1923, one brother and one sister, lost father at the age of three, worships his mother for her nobility, completed elementary education in Vittal, higher education in Puttu, was moved by Gandhi's book "satyagraha in South Africa", joined independence movement by touring villages to convince farmers not to pay taxes and by breaking the forest law by cutting one tree symbolically in order to abolish the forest law which prohibited Indians to cut trees but buy them in the market from the Britishers, was arrested and brought by public transport to police station, was awarded 15 months rigorous imprisonment in Hyderali Jail at Beladi (nr. Bangalore), stayed in dusty barrack with 100 co-prisoners, lost 15 pounds due to insufficient food, no visitors were allowed - only letters, studied Hindi and Urdu at night, no work for political prisoners, work was done by criminals (narrates reminiscences), was released three months early in December 1943, moved to Mumbai and worked for Student's Union in Congress, organized meetings, attended prayer meeting of Mahatma Gandhi, was hugged by him, AR: Gandhi's teachings are more relevant than ever before due to todays terrorism, wars and bombings, they should be promoted allover, AR's philosophy: see God in Gods creation and follow your dharma (do your duty).

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