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Narain N. Bhavnani: My life and my involvement in India's freedom struggle, talk with Peter Ruhe, Mumbai, February 27, 2005, 23 pages.

Born at Hyderabad (Sindh) in Pakistan in 1923, father was stamp writer, belongs to Sindhi community (Hindu), two brothers and two sisters, attended English medium school, was interested in revolutionaries, spent a few years at Delhi where he saw - saintly and much respected - Gandhi a few times and greeted him, was attracted by Gandhi's radiating face and love that he gave to everybody, attended Gandhi's prayer meeting in Harijan Colony at Delhi, got arrested in 1942 for shouting slogan "Long live the revolution" and was imprisoned at Hyderabad Central Jail for 12 months together with 800-900 other political prisoners, mainly non-violent Gandhians, was later on moved to Sarkar Jail, continued spinning after release for production of own khadi clothes, believes in cottage industry, Ayurveda and Gandhian values as well as the revolutionaries ideas, moved to India in 1947 by train from Hyderabad (Sindh) to Jodhpur, violence was in the air due to Hindu-Muslim riots, witnessed riots on 6 January 1948 in Karachi where 3000 Hindu refugees were killed on their way to India, on a train from Peshawar Hindu refugees got their arms cut, upon their arrival at Delhi Muslim refugees got their eyes cut out and blinded in revenge, Hindu women were hijacked by Muslims, they were converted to Islam and married, everyone just tried to save his/her and his/her family's life, was separated from his brothers/sisters during the track, reunited after six months in Lucknow, established successful export business in Mumbai, after retirement his purpose of life is the selfless service of his countrymen which is equal to the service ... read more

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