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Prabhavati Dattatraya Dabir: My life and my involvement in India's freedom struggle, talk with Peter Ruhe, Mumbai, March 2, 2005, 24 pages.

Summary: Born at Tripakeshwar, Nasik district (Maharashtra) in 1923, six brothers and two sisters, father was inamdar (landlord) owning 1400 acres of land presented by the government, after independence land was confiscated by the government, had education (Marathi medium) in Nasik, as school boy met Rajendra Prasad (narrates incident) and Nehru, attended engineering college 1941 at Pune for five years, came in touch with socialist leader Sane Guruji but belonged to Rashtriya Sevak Sangh, took part in anti-British demonstrations, got arrested at Pune railway station and was brought to main police station for one night, next day was brought to Yeravda Jail, arrested for three months as third class prisoner (special class: eminent political leaders - first class: political state leaders - second class: local political leaders - third class: ordinary political prisoners), political and criminal prisoners were mixed in barracks made for 50 people filled with actually 150 people, no visitors allowed, one toilet for all, bad food, fell ill, hungerstrike for better facilities, had news from Gandhi through a co-prisoner who was allowed to give massage to Gandhi every day at Aga Khan Palace, no discipline and unity amongst political prisoners (gives example), was released in war days, no lights at night, PD: India got independence due to Indian National Army (who fought from Japan) and Navy mutiny at Mumbai in 1946, re-joined college and completed education af... read more

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