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Fakhruddin M. Shamsi: My life and my involvement in India's freedom struggle, talk with Peter Ruhe, Mumbai, February 25, 2005, 14 pages.

Summary: Born at Palanpur (Gujarat) in 1911, family were general merchants running a departmental store at Jubbulpore (Madhya Pradesh), learned fearlessness and truth from Gandhi by reading his books, attended Gandhi's prayer meetings, FS: Saintly Gandhi spoke like an innocent child on Hindu-Muslim unity and untouchability, participated in Salt Satyagraha in Jubbulpore: bought salt in the market and spread on banks of Narmada river and then collected salt from the river symbolically, worked with an underground group by sticking posters with anti-British slogans ("Quit India!") on walls and writing anti-British slogans on the streets at night in Jubbulpore, fasted the day Gandhi was shot, learned from Gandhi to be good and to do good things, be truthful and nonviolent, moved to Bombay 1965 in order to conduct business, practises Hatha Yoga daily since 40-50 years.

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