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Vimal Chandra Das: My life and my involvement in India's freedom struggle, talk with Peter Ruhe, Mumbai, March 1, 2005, 23 pages.

Summary: Born at Samadhapur (Bihar) in 1923, father was accountant of a landlord but lost his eyesight at an early age, father was then jobless but managed somehow to feed his family: wife and five children (two sisters and three brothers), saw Gandhi after Bihar earthquake in 1934 when he came to a neighbouring village to inspect damages, relief work was organized by Congress, studied up to 7th standard at Singva village, took part in socialist Kisan (farmers) movement in 1937 that formed part of the Congress, worked in office of Kisan leader Ramananda Mishra, spent three months in Varanasi where he got in touch with other freedom fighters, studied in Lahore from 8th to 10th standard, stayed in an orphanage, joined arts college for one year and then studied medicine at Dayal Singh College, participated in anti-British student demonstrations and activities in 1942, attended Congress meetings (also in Mumbai) and saw its leaders, went to Delhi, worked there for nine months, continued anti-British activities and got arrested, three months imprisonment at Lahore Jail, stayed in a barrack together with 60 other young freedom fighters and 15 days in solitary cell, shifted to a Sikh college in Lahore to complete studies, shifted to Mumbai in 1945 where he attended Gandhi's prayer meetings at Birla House (describes the atmosphere), worked as journalist with National Press Syndicate and several newspapers in Mumbai and Delhi up to retirement in 1985 (narrates details), VD: Gandhi's teachings are relevant in many areas today.

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