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Chandrakant D. Jardosh: My life and my involvement in India's freedom struggle, talk with Peter Ruhe, Mumbai, February 26, 2005, 18 pages.

Summary: Born at Surat (Gujarat) in 1923, grandfather was headmaster of a school, father was government official (taxation work), grew up in joint family that belongs to Vaishnava cult (Krishnaites, Hindu religion), had three brothers and one sister, father took him to Bardoli Congress meeting in c. 1937 where he saw Gandhi, Nehru, Indira Nehru (later: Gandhi) and other leaders, family sympathised with Congress politics, read Gandhi's papers and books, saw Gandhi again on Surat railway station on Gandhi's way to Simla in 1941, followed Gandhi's clarion call "Do or Die!" during the Quit India movement, attended Congress meetings and stuck anti-British posters on walls and distributed leaflets, participated in demonstration in 1943 when he got arrested and imprisoned, rigorous imprisonment at Sabarmati Central Jail, Ahmedabad, for 6 months (describes atmosphere), stayed in a barrack for political prisoners with 30-40 cells of 6 x 6 feet for 2 prisoners each, in total 500 political prisoners and 300 criminals, rejoined studies and completed matriculation upon release, studied law and became lawyer at Surat in 1950, got appointed as government lawyer in Valsad in 1953, lived a Gandhian life throughout - simple, vegetarian, religious and healthy without tension, CJ: for personal and national peace Gandhi's principles should be followed.

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