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Item # WRDOTR0280
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Uma Shanker talks with Anu Bandhopadhya, Centre of South Asian Studies, University of Cambridge, 10 pages, September 12, 1969
Miss Anu Bandhopadhya, a teacher in Kasturba Camp, and collaborator on D.G. Tendulkar's Gandhi and Ghaffar Khan biographies, toured Noakhali, East Bengal, with Gandhi, following the outbreak of communal riots there.

page 01: Direct Action Day; Calcutta riots; Noakhali, East Pakistan; teacher, Kasturba Camp
page 02: last experiment; one-village-a-day tour; fearlessness; modus operandi; Hindu East Bengal
page 03: fear, root of evil'; blame; Swaraj
page 04: Khol, Khartal, bhajans kirtans; daily routine; chappals
page 05: walk barefoot; rest, work, meals, massage, interviews, spinning, prayers, writing; birthright; impact
page 06: dispelling fear in cowards; influence temporary; Bengali terrorists afraid; Gandhi's response
page 07: Chittagong armoury raid; love for life; Gita concept; deep impression; Hindu-Muslim amity, Ahimsa
page 08: consideration, detail; Manubehn [great-niece]; concern
page 09: observant; peacemaker, Balliaghata, Calcutta
page 10: Eid Day; Hindus and Muslims embrace; 'Eid Mubarak'; 'Jai Hind', 'Bande Matram'

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