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Item # WRDOTR0300
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Uma Shanker talks with K.A. Abbas, Centre of South Asian Studies, University of Cambridge, 26 pages, February 1, 1970
K.A. Abbas, author, journalist and film-maker, describes (parts 1&2) childhood memories of the National Movement, his associations with the Civil Disobedience and 'Quit India' movements, and (parts 3-5) gives his observations on films which evoked patriotic sentiments before Independence, on film standards afterwards, and on the impact Western films had on Indian feature and documentary film-making

page 01: 1920, Panipat, Grand Trunk Road;cavalry marching from Delhi to Lahore;takes 2 hours to pass
page 02: Bhagat Singh, Amritsar;Gandhi gentle;home-spun khaddar cloth shroud
page 03: latha, long cloth;slogans;Khilafat [movement];Karnal jail;Chandni Chowk, procession;police lathi charge
page 04: driven into jungle and left; decides not to join Government Service; Aligarh
page 05: revolution books, ideas; Bertrand Russell; Bhagat Singh hanged; taking up arms against British; national flags
page 06: Muslim loyalty;Pakistan;Muslim League;Choudhary Rahmat Ali, [(West) Pakistan National Movement]
page 07: Bengali Muslims/Hindus, no Urdu;Jawaharlal Nehru;saving Nehru from Gandhiism, Congress;Dominion status, independence
page 08: Aligarh to Khurja;talking to Nehru on the train;surprising answers, advice
page 09: landlordism, feudalism, serfdom
page 01: Bombay Chronicle;journalism crusade against imperialism;Gandhiism, socialism, communism
page 02: satyagraharead more

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