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Item # WRDOTR0310
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Uma Shanker talks with Nawab Murtaza Husain Abdi, Centre of South Asian Studies, University of Cambridge, 9 pages, March 12, 1970
Nawab Murtaza Husain Abdi, currently (1970) promoting Indo-Pakistani amity, was a follower of Mrs. Annie Besant, a member of the Home Rule League, and of the Swaraj Party

page 01: Indian National Congress, 1916;Congress-League Pact;National Home Rule League, Home Rule League;Annie Besant;M.A. Jinnah
page 02: Dominion status;parliamentary system;Muslim League;Montague-Chelmsford reforms;Diarchy;Dadabhai Naoroji, 1906
page 03: Gandhi - Kaiser-Hind medal
page 04: New India', 'Commonwealth weekly'
page 05: Council-entry/Swaraj /Indian National Congress;No-changers';Congress Khilafat Movement;Musalmans;Koran
page 06: Namazes, Islam;communal disharmony, Hindu/Muslim;Motilal Nehru;Commonwealth of India Bill;Nehru Report;Shoab Qureshi
page 07: Bhopal State support;Simon Commission;boycott, Kanpur, Lucknow University;Jawaharlal Nehru;National Muslims;two-nation theory
page 08: Indo-Pakistan amity;Vallabhai Patel;Parsis, Bombay;Muslims, Bihar;Muslim Mass Contact Movement;British toadies';Shafi League, Jinnah League;after Partition, holocaust
page 09: summar... read more

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