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Item # WRDOTR0320
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Uma Shanker talks with Prof. V.V. Bapat, Centre of South Asian Studies, University of Cambridge, 15 pages, August 3, 1970
Prof. V.V. Bapat, poet, author, and Professor of Sanskrit and Marathi, first at Dharwar College, later at Bombay's National College, then at Ruia College, gives a different perspective on the underground freedom fighters, then describes the Kranti-Kari, prison, the Kala-pathak cultural squad of the Rashtriya Seva Dal, the Antar-Bharatiya, and the author-politician-journalist tradition in Maharashtra

page 01: introduction; Sir Parshurambhau College; Poona; Marathi, Sanskrit
page 02: the 'Harijan'; khaddar; Rashtriya Seva Dal; Gandhi's writings; Meherally; Poona; Limaye; Thana District
page 03: sabotage; Joshi; Limaye; Goa; Malwan; Patwardhan, Narayan, Ali, Lohia; N.G. Oak, wireless; Deshpande; underground radio
page 04: sedition; Capital Cinema bomb; Bangalore; Limaye's health; Salvi; Kulkarni, Kolhapur; Mushak Mahal
page 05: Nasik, propaganda; 'Kranti-Kari'; police raid; Yeravada Central Prison
page 06: political prisoners; prison - inspiration; Goray, Chavan, Kher; public figures; university vs. prison
page 07: importance/contribution of Freedom Struggle; guerrilla; energy wasted; patriotism, leadership; Orissa, Bihar
page 08: make-believe; national service; cooperative, reconstruction, social reform; Indian National Congress; 'Quit India', Indian National Army; contribution; 1942; 'do or die' - 'did what we could'
page 09: sabotage effectiveness; brave people; failure - examples; guerrilla warfare, inadequate training
page 10: hand grenades; Dehu arsenal; Kirkee mi... read more

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