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Uma Shanker talks with G.B. Nawalkar, Centre of South Asian Studies, University of Cambridge, 14 pages, August 24, 1970.
G.B. Nawalkar, businessman with a wide portfolio of responsibilities, gives his view of Gandhi's call for the salvation of India, with particular emphasis on the reasons for the rise and fall of the Patri-Sarkar element of the Quit India Movement, his subsequent disillusion with politics, and his view of Indian economics.

page 01: Patri-Sarkar; Satara District, Maharashtra; Nawalkar's business concerns; Bombay; Gandhi, M. Nehru, J. Nehru, Ghaffar Khan, Naidu; Phadke
page 02: stories from history; partition of Bengal, 1905; revolutionaries; Dandi march; Singh, Dutt; Independence - violent or non-violent?
page 03: Chandra Bose; family responsibilities; 'No-War' campaign; Taluka Congress; Bhave, Nehru - satyagrahi
page 04: Thana, Yeravada jails; Quit India; the 'Harijan'
page 05: AICC; Azad, Nehru, Patel; Gandhi message; Congress Socialist Party; Gowalia Tank, Kasturba; Aruna Asaf Ali
page 06: Bombay aflame; Maharashtra, U.P., Bengal; Thana District; Central Directorate, Patwardhan; Asaf Ali, Lohia; Diwakar, Kripalani, Sahsarbudhe; Bengal, U.P., Mysore
page 07: gram raj; Patri-Sarkar; South Old Satara; Western Ghats, Kolhapur; Islampur, Walwa, Sangli; Maratha Empire; Aundh (Aba Pant)
page 08: 'Patri' - defined; Janata Justice Courts; 'Patri-Sarkar'; village panchayat
page 09: law and order; para-military; Toofan Sena; undesirable elements; dacoits; injustice, violence; movement collapses
page 10: young leadership; Kundal, Kirloskarwadi, Patil; Shirala, Western Ghats, Cherankar; Bulashi, Walwa Ta... read more

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