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Item # WRDOTR0340
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Uma Shanker talks with Abid Ali, Centre of South Asian Studies, University of Cambridge, 10 pages, September 1, 1970.
Abid Ali, politician, talks at length of his life as a leading freedom fighter, trades union and workers' welfare man, Member of Parliament, Deputy Minister for Labour, and membership of the I.L.O. and Rajya Sabha.

page 01: introduction; Azadi; Honorary workers
page 02: help; recruitment; Vidyalankar; Wardha; Flag satyagraha; Prasad
page 03: Das, Nehru, Patel; A.I.C.C.; Simon Commission; Singapore
page 04: Bardoli taluka; kisans; Ravi River, Lahore
page 05: Muslims; Khilafat (Caliphate); Ali brothers; secession
page 06: Muslim League; Sabarmati Ashram, Salt Act; Bombay Congress Committee; Jambusar, Gujarat
page 07: Charkha; non-violence - creed; British system
page 08: iron guards'; Congress House terrace; Mahalakshmi; Nariman, Chattopadhya, Khan, Singh
page 10: Meherally, Sadiq; Nagpur jail; conditions, punishments

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