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Uma Shanker talks with B.V. Chavan, Centre of South Asian Studies, University of Cambridge, 8 pages, February 8, 1971.
B.V. Chavan, President of the Freedom Fighters' Association in Poona, gives the background to and the consequences of the Capitol Cinema bomb incident, Poona, and describes in detail how he made and delivered the bomb.

page 01: Freedom Fighters' Association, Poona; 'Harijan'; Indian National Congress; Gowalia Tank maidan
page 02: Aruna Asaf Ali; tear-gas; 'Do or Die'; Sane Guruji; C.I.D.; Raviwar Peth; Vajradehi Mandal
page 03: Hammond, D.S.P.; Dabhade; Police action, reaction; Patvardhan, Narayan, Joshi; underground activities; Vande Matram; cinema bomb plans
page 04: hand grenades; construction details; 24th January
page 05: detailed plans for entry
page 06: Salvi, Kulkarni; Joshi, Limaye; Pardeshi; Kirkee arsenal; 'not guilty'
page 07: B.P. Karnik, Kirkee - suicide; retrospective
page 08: concludes

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