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Item # WRDOTR0380
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Uma Shanker talks with Des Raj Chaudhry, Centre of South Asian Studies, University of Cambridge, 16 pages, May 8, 1974.
D.R. Chaudhry, politician, talks of the Arya Samaj movement, the Congress movement, jail life, the Quit India movement, Muslim/Hindu conflict and amity in Delhi pre- and post- 1947, and some of the leading figures of those times.

page 01: introduction; Congress leader; Arya Samaj; Congress Seva Dal; Delhi Municipal Committee; Muslim confidence; social welfare; Arya High School, Ludhiana
page 02: slaves; foreign cloth, Khadi; nationalism, Saraswati; Delhi; Arya Samaj; Shadhanand, L.L. Rai; Gandhi; Vedic culture
page 03: Lahore Congress; Motilal Nehru, Dominion status; Anarkali, Jawaharlal, Ravi
page 04: flag-hoisting, Vande Matram; youth wing, children's rallies; arrests; Multan New Central Jail, solitary cells
page 05: conditions, 'C' class prisoners; 'B' and 'A' class; food; meetings, processions; boycotts, liquor, foreign cloth; lathis, bullets; Chandni Chowk
page 06: bullet wounds, bravery; Bombay, Quit India; non-violence, other means
page 07: Delhi fires; Railway Clearing House; mobile cyclostyle press; British Deputy Commissioner; pleas, clashes
page 08: Rai/Khan/Sardar Sahibs/Bahadurs; inactivity, non-cooperation; confidential information incident; torture
page 09: abstinence, sacrifice; Maharashtra, Balia (U.P.); agitation
page 10: Hindustan/Pakistan; Delhi Muslims; atrocities, retaliation; Delhi riots, Sucheta Kripalani; Hindu/Muslim amity; magistrates; Daryaganj; read more

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