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Item # WRDOTR0400
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Uma Shanker talks with Dendayal Bharati, Centre of South Asian Studies, University of Cambridge, 5 pages, September 6, 1970.
D. Bharati, politician, recalls how he was drawn into politics, his part in the Home Rule movement and some of the main characters in Ratlam and Indore also involved in the Independence Movement.

page 01: 1918 events; Dwarkanath book, Ratlam; Rajasthan Seva Mandal; Ajmer, Khandwa; Congress Party; Seth's gold ring; Gandhi; Khadi made by poor; patriotism, nationalism; Maharaja
page 02: Prince of Wales visit; Ali, Umer, Lalchandji; Khadi exhibition; arrest; Maharaja's law; false charges; Princely States' government; Gandhi's constructive work; Premchand
page 03: jail work, singing; Muslim support; Swami Dyanand; sister's sword threat; Congress, satyagraha; Dharmik satyagraha Committee
page 04: Black Cell (Black Hole of Calcutta); Subhagmal incident; Indore; Christianity, conversion episode; Hindu Sabha; Rashtriya Sangh; Bhagat Singh; hartal
page 05: women's organisation; hartal, march; banished; Ajmer; Ratlam Congress Committee; Independence celebrations; Praja Mandal; ultimatum, hunger strike

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