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Indian Underground Radio (Secret Congress Radio) - Hindi/English

The story of the Secret Congress Radio

Historical background
It began in the backdrop of Second World War in 1939, British rule over India was becoming thoroughly unpopular, and its future prospects after the war were in serious question.
Japanese air raids were battering the deep-water ports of India’s eastern border. A land- or sea-based invasion of the Indian subcontinent by the Japanese force was now an imminent military threat. In mid-1942, the situation facing the British in India had become critical, with domestic popular discontent at a boiling point. On the home front, a dissident faction of Gandhi’s movement had broken with the Mahatma and his nonviolent philosophy, and was engaged in active material sabotage against the British “raj,” cutting phone and telegraph lines, stoning troop-trains, and pulling up railway tracks. From the first outbreak of hostilities, Gandhi and his leadership were determined to take every possible advantage of world events to promote Indian independence and neutrality from both Allies and Axis powers. Gandhiji thought that that The Japanese might come to India as the enemy of the British and not of the Indian people. Gandhiji therefore emphasized a movement for immediate withdrawal of the British from India. It would give India freedom and save her from any Japanese attack.
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