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Item # IMPHPECA1939505020
This photograph of C.F. Andrews was taken between 1937 – 1939 in Coonoor in front of P.V. Cherian’s house (Kohinoor) on Mount Pleasant in Coonoor. The photograph was taken just before lunch, after a church service at St. John’s C.S.I. Church in Coonoor, which Bishop Abraham had conducted.

Seated next to C.F. Andrews is Bishop Abraham.
Over a period of thirty years (1917-1947), Bishop Abraham built a reputation for himself and for the Mar Thoma Church. Abraham Mar Thoma was born on 30 October 1880 to Ninan and Mariamma. His mother belonged to the Karicatt house of the Shankaramangaleth family in Eraviparoor. Ninan hailed from Marettu of Kallupara, a rich Jacobite family. He was given the name Kochavarachan (Abraham). His father died very early in his childhood and the young widowed mother returned to her brother's house and as his mother's family was Mar Thomite, he took religious instructions according the Mar Thoma rites. He used to acknowledge the influence of his mother on his Christian upbringing. He had his early education at Tiruvalla and Kottayam. From Kottayam he went to Trichinapally and from there to Madras Christian College to complete his university education. He continued missionary work and influenced many of his fellow students during his college days. It is difficult to sum up his life. Some people maintain that religion and politics should not mix; but Abraham’s death was a great loss for the nation because of his involvement and the silent leadership that he gave for the struggle of Independence. The country was only just beginning to breathe freedom after the declaration of independence on 15th August 1947. He was a patriotic freedom fighter and had the good fortune to live in independent India, even if it was only for two weeks.

Another well known person in the photograph is Dr. Ernest Forrester Paton (in the last but one row, standing seventh from the right).
Ernest Forrester Paton, also known as Chinnannan, missionary in Sou... read more

Credit: Cherian Kurian / GandhiServe
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